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About Stewarts Hangar 21, Inc.

Over decades of working on their own aviation projects, brothers Doug and Dan Stewart have spent thousands of hours utilizing their unique experience and backgrounds to figure out ways to improve their airplanes. Along this journey they’ve made some real breakthroughs, including several which they have gotten certified. Doug and Dan are making these tools and STC’s available through Stewarts Hangar 21. In January 2021 Doug and Dan decided to retire and sold Stewarts Hangar 21 tools and STC to Steve Pierce of Pierce Aero. Steve has been a long time friend of the Stewarts and shares their same passion for the rag and tube Pipers. Steve will be adding some of his own tools and products to the Hangar 21 line up as well.

Some of these products include:

~ The Bungee Buddy, which is a safe (minus manufacturing when you lose fingers and break toes) , quick and effective way to change bungees on Piper-style hydrasorbs.

~ Stewart Wing Tips STC SA00932SE, which reduce drag, increase lift, and improve fuel economy all while improving the look of Piper wing tips.

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