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About Pierce Aero

Steve Pierce started his A&P career in the early 90s working for Ezell Aviation in Breckenridge, TX restoring WW2 aircraft. Through the knowledge and guidance of Nelson Ezell, he fell in love with bringing these birds back to life. 

In 1997 he moved to Graham, TX and Pierce Aero was born. He started in the city hangar doing GA maintenance and quickly figured out his passion was in restoration, but more specifically rag and tube restoration. Two years after his start he bought his own hangar where Pierce Aero is today.

In 2002 he fired himself from his general aviation customers, and has completed many beautiful restorations and has a host of clients from all over that bring their airplanes to have him do the maintenance and/or work. 

Today Steve and his daughter, Tabitha, focus mostly on Piper Super Cubs and Carbon Cubs involving everything from restoration & repair to general maintenance and inspections. 

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