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Stewart Wing Tip STC SA00932SE

Stewart Wing Tip STC SA00932SE


The Stewart Wing Tip is the best aftermarket wing tip available for the Piper J3 thru the PA-22 series, metal spare only aircraft.


Performance over the stock tip is greatly enhanced, providing:


  • Shorter take off roll
  • Lower stall speeds
  • Increased airspeed
  • Decreased fuel burn
  • Decreases rate of descent in half on the short wing aircraft

This STC includes drawings, parts lists and instructions for installation on your Piper.


The Stewart Wing Tip carries the lifting portion of the wing clear to the tip instead of tapering off at the last rib. The underside of the tip reflexes upward from the last rib to the tip, bleeding off drag.


Stewart Wingtip STC - Paperwork only


This wing tip is the best looking wing tip on the market (no droopy tips here). 


The Stewart Wing Tip reduces drag and improves stability. Paperwork includes STC and complete plans and instructions.


The STC is good for all Rag Wing Pipers, including the J3, PA11, PA12, PA14, PA15, PA16, PA18, PA20 & PA22.


When ordering please include N# & Current Owners Name in the "Notes" section of the check out page.  This will allow us to complete the STC Paperwork quickly


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