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PA-12 Aluminum Grommet Set

PA-12 Aluminum Grommet Set

SKU: PA12-Aluminum-Grommet

PA-12 Aluminum Grommet Set cut from .025 2024T3. Replaces original plastic grommets that crack and enlarge screw holes. Recover or fit behind those worn out existing grommets. Fuselage and wing drawings will be sent with each set.

Set includes:

6 - P/N 80541-02  4 1/8 x 7 rectangle for the rear stick/elevator bellcrank/flap cable access

2 - P/N 10292-00  5 3/4 x 7 rectangle for the jackscrew

2 - P/N 10293-00  kidney shaped with hole for the rear stabilizer liner tube

4 - P/N 60671-00  teardrop for jury strut fairings

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