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Oil Cooler STC SA01863SE

Oil Cooler STC SA01863SE


Oil Cooler STC SA01863SE


The Oil Cooler STC SA01863SE allows the oil cooler to be moved behind the #4 Cylinder on the following aircraft:


  • Type Certificate 1A4, Piper PA-20 Series Aircraft: PA-20, PA-20S, PA-20-115, PA-20S- 115, PA-20- 135, PA-20S- 135.
  • Type Certificate 1A6 Piper PA-22 Series Aircraft: PA-22, PA-22- 108, PA-22-135, PA-22S- 1135, PA-22- 150, PA-22S- 150, PA-22- 160, PA-22S- 160.
  • Type Certificate 1A1 Piper PA-16.

The Oil Cooler STC SA01863SE requires the Niagara Oil Cooler part number 20002A. There are other oil coolers that are a direct replacement for this oil cooler. You may

be able to get a deviation from the STC to use one of them when the Niagara Oil Cooler is unavailable.


This installation cleans up the engine area, getting rid of the long oil hoses snaking across the engine.


This is a much lighter installation with less hose, and a lighter weight oil cooler.


When ordering please include N# & Current Owners Name in the "Notes" section of the check out page.  This will allow us to complete the STC Paperwork quickly

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