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Bushing Tool

Bushing Tool

SKU: Bushing-Tool

Over the years I have found lots of worn elevator and rudder bushings on fabric covered Pipers. Luckily Piper made these bushings replaceable unlike some other manufacturers. The bushings are common to all the fabric Pipers as part number 80022-045 for the short at $1.02 and 80022-044 for the long at $.85 from Univair. I used to use a punch type tool to drive them in and out but it seemed to mushroom the ends of the bushing a little and made it hard to get the hinge pin in. That led to the design of the tool I now use, which actually pushes the old out while installing the new bushing. Several people have asked me recently about obtaining one of these tools for themselves so they can replace their own bushings, so I had a machinist friend make a run of them. All you need to operate the tool is a 3/16" Allen wrench and a 7/16" open ended wrench. The price is $30 plus $5 domestic shipping.

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