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Bungee Buddy

Bungee Buddy

SKU: Bungee-Buddy

Bungee Buddy is The Safest Shock Cord Tool on the Market


The ultimate tool for replacing bungees on the Piper PA-20 & PA-22s. The Bungee Buddy also safely installs bungees on the Piper J3, PA11 & PA18.


All you need is this tool and a vise to safely install your bungee cords. See the YouTube video:


The energy from the bungee cords is enclosed in the framework, with NO use of levers.


The Bungee Buddy completely contains the energy of the shock cords within the tool, making the Bungee Buddy one of the safest tools available. The Bungee Buddy comes complete with vise mount and adapters for hydrasorbs and J-3 style shock cords. For use on the Piper J3, PA11, PA18, PA20, PA22, PA22-20, PA22-108.


  • Installs Bungee Cords on Piper PA-18 & PA-22 Hydrasorbs
  • Installs Bungee Cords on Piper J-3 & PA-11 Landing Gear Struts
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