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150 hp Engine for Piper Clipper STC SA01843SE

150 hp Engine for Piper Clipper STC SA01843SE


Installation of 150 hp Engine in Piper PA-16


Description of the Type Design Change:


Installation of Lycoming engine and modified fuel system as follows;


Eligible engines per STC SA01843SE:

  • Lycoming O-290-D, O-290-D2, O-290-D2A, O-290-D2B, O-320, O-320-A1A, O-320-A1B, O-320-A2A, O-320-A2B, O-320-A3A and O-320-A3B.
  • The O-320-A1A, -A1B, -A3A and -A3B engines which were originally equipped with constant speed propellers must be changed to the fixed pitch configuration.

Eligible Propellers per STC:

  • O-290 Series engines Sensenich 74FM59, M76AM-2, 74DM6, or M74DM Series Propeller
  • O-320 Series engines Sensenich 74DM or M74DM Series Propeller

This STC is economical to install as it allows use of original PA-16 engine mount, airbox and exhaust. It only requires modification of O-320 baffling to fit PA-16 cowling.


Removal of nose fuel tank is required.


STC authorizes installation of PA-22 style RH wing tank with TriPacer fuel lines and fuel valve.


STC authorizes Oil Cooler to be mounted behind the #4 Cylinder.


When ordering please include N# & Current Owners Name in the "Notes" section of the check out page.  This will allow us to complete the STC Paperwork quickly


Under this STC you may install the PA-22 fuel modification only, or the engine – fuel modification combination.


*Oil Cooler STC SA01863SE can also be purchased separately.

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